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Candidate Recruitment Process

Finding qualified candidates for the multiple positions in a company is the recruitment process. Identifying potential employees and encouraging them to apply for vacancies inside the company is the process of recruitment. Finding and enticing suitable employees to fill open positions within such a company is the process of recruitment. It finds candidates who possess the skills and attitude required to assist a company achieve its objectives.

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Finding positions available, assessing job criteria, examining applications, screening, short listing, and selecting the ideal candidate form the recruitment process.

Type of status in candidate follow up in details

  • Strategy Development
  • Talent Search
  • Screening & Short-Listing
  • Evaluation & Offer of Employment
  • Creating a Recruitment Plan

The recruitment process starts with recruitment planning, that involves understanding and identifying the positions available. It includes the nature of the work, the qualifications for experience, education, and skills, among many other things. To identify potential candidates from a pool of applications, a structured recruitment approach is required. The potential candidates should be skilled, experienced, and capable of performing the responsibilities required to achieve the organization’s goals.

Recruitment Strategy

The development of a strategy for hiring the resources is performed during in the second stage of the hiring process, which is termed recruitment strategy. The next step is to determine the strategy to use for recruiting potential candidates to the business after job descriptions and job specifications have already been established.

Recruitment Strategy

Talent Search

You may introduce a fresh perspective to your organization by identifying the best sources of recruitment, finding the qualified persons, and attracting and motivating them to apply for the job. Recruitment via talent search find out the correlation resources that are compatible with work demands. The initial phase of candidate searching will proceed when the recruitment plan has been finalized. There are two distinct sorts of talent search queries.

Internal sources

The word “internal sources of recruiting” refers hiring personnel from within the company.

  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Former
  • Employees
  • Internal Advertisements (Job Posting)
  • Employee Referrals
  • Previous Applicants

External Sources

External sources of recruitment refer to Hiring employees outside the organization though

  • Direct Recruitment
  • Employment Exchanges
  • Employment Agencies
  • Advertisement
  • Professional Associations
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Word of Mouth

Screening & Short-Listing

It’s essential to effectively screen your candidates if you wish to find the best person for the job and progress the recruiting process.

After the completion of the candidate sourcing process, screening starts. Filtering candidate applications is the method of preparing them for the further selection.
Three steps to make up the recruitment screening process.

  • Analyzing cover letters and resumes
  • Conducting telephone or interviews
  • Choosing the most suitable candidates

Evaluation & Offer of Employment

Once you have rejected all of the potential candidates, you must present the chance to the most qualified applicant(s), who will be given a credibility evaluation before accepting the offer. Since hiring new staff is an expensive process, it is essential to carefully assess how well it worked. Effective evaluation and control of the recruitment process’ expenditures is needed. These include the following:

  • Salaries to the Recruiters.
  • Recruitment overheads and administrative costs.
  • Overtime and unpaid expenses when there are positions open Time and money spent by management and professionals creating job descriptions, job criteria, and conducting interviews with qualified people for the final selection process
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